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Precision Enviro-Tech (PETAL) is committed to the generation of accurate, precise analytical data of verifiable quality. Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) activities are designed to achieve high quality data on an on-going basis. Our laboratory routinely analyzes quality control samples including but not limited to the analysis of Laboratory Blanks to monitor laboratory contamination, Laboratory Control Samples (LCS) and Matrix Spike Sample/ Matrix Spike Duplicates (MS/MSD) to monitor accuracy and precision. Quality Assurance packages are available upon request for any project or report. PETAL has several types of packages designed to meet a variety of validation requirements.

Part of PETAL mission is to provide our Clients with a user-friendly way of doing business to make their jobs easier. This portion of our website has been designed to assist new and existing clients to do business with Analytics in a straight-forward and, if they would like, an electronic format. The links below will take you to specific areas for you to work with PETAL.
Electronic Deliverable Data
Many Clients wish to save time and money by receiving their analytical data in an electronic format rather than on paper. For these Clients, Analytics provides Electronic Data Deliverables (EDD). Some of the formats we currently use include: Database format, Microsoft ExcelTM, Portable document files (PDF), GIS/Key format and we are able to customize EDD's as necessary.


Customer Service
Many service providers talk about customer service without really saying what that means. At PETAL we go the extra mile (literally and figuratively) to meet the needs of our Clients. We want to hear what our clients need and want - and we listen. As a result of Clients stating their needs we have responded and now provide courier service for sample pick-up and cooler delivery, pre-staged coolers, sample containers and packaging as well as trip blanks, customized container labels (great for big sampling jobs!), EDD's and rapid 5-day turnaround with no surcharge.

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